Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of Education

Christianity affirms that God is the source of all truth and His glory, the end of all learning; therefore, Wayne Christian School “the school” believes that education is experiencing knowledge through the prism of this divine truth. As an educational institution, we accept the responsibility of providing a quality education through qualified instructors and a viable curriculum. As a Christian institution, our educational objectives are founded upon the biblical themes of inspiration, creation, God, redemption, man, wisdom and knowledge, reality and life, and parental accountability.

Wayne Christian School believes that God is and is Creator of all, the single source of all things-the premise upon which all reality is determined and education is centered. The learners, the learning, the learning environment, all are meaningful as means and ends to the glory of God. Therefore, the ultimate objective of education is to know God and please Him in knowledge, thought, and experience.

The Bible, God’s Word, is the indisputable revelation of God. It reveals and explains the person and purposes of God. It is the foundation of education: an indispensable source of knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, the understanding of Scripture is a primary educational purpose.

God revealed Himself not only in creation and the Bible, but in the persons of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Through His Son Jesus Christ, God the Father redeems those who believe from sin and death which are the consequences of the fall. Believers are new creations restored to God’s order through His Spirit. The Holy Spirit as divine Teacher, enables the Christian to understand truth and to live an obedient live in submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. None can boast of a complete educational program when deprived of this understanding.

Our motto is “in pursuit of wisdom and knowledge.” To Wayne Christian School, knowledge is the understanding and unity of information. Information is the particulars of how creation works and consists. This information brings an awe and respect for God and His purposes; therefore, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge…” (Proverbs 1:7).

Along with knowledge, Wayne Christian School pursues wisdom as an underlying objective in education. Wisdom is the skill needed to make life’s decisions, develop character, and practically apply God’s Word to life. In other words, instruction and learning must be relevant to the concerns of our times and the issues of life.

Wayne Christian School is an extension of the Christian family. We share in the parent’s divine obligation to nurture children in the truth, to protect them from the error of relativism, the evil of anarchy, and the spirit of secularism. Therefore, we in loco parentis, serve as teachers to our students.

As a Christian educational institution, we acknowledge our responsibility to provide for our students a safe, nondiscriminatory environment which is conducive to learning; and a curriculum that acknowledges the varied phases of human learning and development. To accomplish these objectives, we strive to maintain a capable faculty who serve as role models for their students by maintaining personal and spiritual balance in their lives. We also enjoy the benefits of strong parental involvement.

Wayne Christian School is committed to this philosophy of education on behalf of those children and young people entrusted to us.