The high school curriculum is based on core courses in Bible, English, Math, Science, Foreign Language, and History.  A high value is placed on clear communication, with all departments working together to encourage and support each student’s personal and academic maturation. WCS offers honors courses in most subjects and Advanced Placement (AP) courses in English and History. Dual Enrollment classes are also available on-line and through local community colleges.


Course Offerings

In order to graduate, students must earn a minimum of 24 credits in grades 9-12.



The Wayne Christian School CASP (Christian Action Service Project) Program is an important component of our Bible curriculum that encourages regular church, community, and school service on the part of our students.  The aim is to encourage lifestyle service to others.  It is our conviction that service shows obedience to Christ and that serving others should be our greatest joy as believers.  Junior high classes complete group projects under the supervision of their teacher, and high school students are responsible for completing individual service projects.  Because senior high students can choose their areas of service, they are able to use their gifts and talents while at the same time discovering new abilities, interests, and callings.  We have seen students develop leadership skills because of their involvement in designing service projects.  We have also seen positive, ongoing community relationships develop with the school because of our commitment to serving the community.  Ultimately, our school’s mission is to develop champions for Christ; the CASP program is just one means by which we seek to develop such champions.

CASP Examples

Church~Nursery worker, assist Sunday School teachers, lead teen praise/worship, Jr. church helper, missions trips, assisting the elderly, nursing home visitation.

Community~Soup kitchen, library volunteer, teen court, dance for Christ, salvation army work.

Wayne Christian School~Work gate at games, work concessions, assist teachers after school, line judges at games, pick up trash around campus.



Campus Life

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